Turning plastic waste into wealth

Processing a consistant supply of unsorted municiple plastic waste to generate renewable energy

About Tonlo

Tonlo; accelerating recycling of plastic waste processes with its focus on Waste to Wealth. Tonlo’s ecofriendly depolymerization process breaks down the plastic waste into its original elements of which the oil could be blended with crude oil for reproduction into plastic raw materials again. The re-use of the recovered elements is traceable in the blockchain whilst at the same time proving the reducing of a carbon footprint. This new manufactured plastic raw material should in principle qualify as a product produced from recycled materials.

Tonlo was founded in 2015 by Michael and Ockert Loubser.

Ever since incorporation the Tonlo team has grown to a group of highly skilled people who all share the great values of acting responsibly towards finding sustainable balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility throughout our company and its activities whilst at the same time trying to never compromise the quality of life of our future generations.

At Tonlo we see ourselves as environmental pioneers and technological entrepreneurs in the renewable energy and heating Industry, supplying exceptionally clean and energy efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. We just started building the first commercial solution in Zistersdorf based on our successful pilot plant in operation in Slovakia.

In our process of creating wealth from plastic waste, we believe we are transforming the electricity and heat industry with our decentralized digitally controlled CHP systems, as well as our data-leveraging software to control and balance heat supply.

Products and Services

wholesale agreement

Modular digitally controlled heat exchanger

Cogeneration fuels

Blending and storage facility for cogeneration fuels

Generators using renewable fuels

Smart Contracts powered processes

Tonlo's highly skilled team applies innovative technologies and digital offerings in the renewable energy industry that help make the electricity and heat we produce from plastic waste more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable to our clients, who are currently mainly cryptocurrency miners and will be modular agri-tech farmers and most likely normal households.

The Tonlo Combined Heat and Renewable Electricity System (T-CHRES) is a decentralized Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that generates renewable electricity and useful thermal energy in a single, integrated system.

CHP systems is also known as cogeneration of electricity and heat. We have to say that the T-CHRES system is not unique technology, it is rather an approach applying multiple proven technologies in the renewable energy and heat industry combined into one renewable energy supply platform.

The integration of both Tonlo's renewable electricity and its thermal generation recovered from the generation of electricity and heat captured from CMiners crypto mining HashCubes will for sure make our T-CHRES system more efficient than any separate electricity generating system.

Our T-CHRES system is also completely environmental friendly with no heat loss, it is economical, and also has a value-added energy system infrastructure benefit where we will sell the captured heat on to our clients in the agricultural modular farming industry.

The Tonlo Combined Heat and Renewable Electricity System (T-CHRES) technologies consists of the following resources components:

Waste Processing

Pre-treatment of Plastic Waste

Tonlo's highly effective mechanochemical pre-treatment and sorting operations for plastics waste contributes to the diversion of this valuable resource from landfill. This process delivers material with the required market-driven qualities for recycling and energy recovery in our low temperature catalytic de-polymerization process. The unsorted municipal waste is supplied to Tonlo in bales at no cost, which makes this an extremely valuable contributor to our low cost production of cogeneration fuels.

Renewable Energy Production

Cogeneration fuels

Tonlo's newly designed, low temperature catalytic de-polymerization process produces low cost, high quality synthetic fuels which can be used as substitution for diesel and, it is used in our generators to create electricity

Whole sale Electricity

Tonlo has active wholesale agreements in place for the supply of renewable energy recovered from plastic waste. This electricity is sold on to our crypto mining clients.

Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat is recovered from our generators and supported clients in the crypto mining industry. This heat is sold on to our modular agri-tech farming clients. This process is not only a great value added product, it also reduces emissions and energy consumption.

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